If you have car payments or other payments being made to a secured creditor by way of an automatic debit from a bank account, you will need to make arrangements with the creditor to pay them by other means once you have filed for bankruptcy.

Creditors will not continue auto debits after you have filed for bankruptcy, because to do so would violate the automatic stay that is entered upon filing for bankruptcy protection.

Creditors often will also not accept online payments after you have filed for bankruptcy and will cease sending billing statements.

It is important to contact the creditor by telephone and ascertain from the creditor how you should get payment to them.

Be certain to get a full name of the person you are contacting, and most importantly, make certain that you keep a verifiable proof of any payments that you make to creditors.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing car creditors will most of the time reinstate auto debits from your bank account after you have signed a Reaffirmation Agreement and/or have been discharged.


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