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With The Help Of Lufkin, TX Bankruptcy Attorney Mike Wallace…
You Can Say Goodbye To… 

Bankruptcy Law Lufkin TX

Relentless Bill Collectors

Bankruptcy Lufkin TX

Stacks Of Unpaid Bills

Debt Relief Lufkin TX

Maxed Out Credit Cards

Credit Help Lufkin TX

Plummeting Credit Score

Lufkin TX Bankruptcy Lawyer

Why Should Struggling Lufkin, TX Residents Choose Bankruptcy? Aren’t There Better Options?

Bankruptcy Gives You Protection
When dealing with creditors, you don’t want to be unprotected and “go-it-alone”. Creditors can easily file suit against you and use many other tactics to get what you owe them. Bankruptcy is your legal right and is safer overall.
Bankruptcy Is Not Unforgivable
The word on the streets of Lufkin, TX is that bankruptcy is “the unpardonable sin”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know you have many concerns and we are happy to discuss them all with you through our free consultation.
Bankruptcy is better than debt consolidation
Most people choose to consolidate their debt and make large payments while their credit continually drops. With bankruptcy, your credit does take an initial hit but continues to rise from the moment your debts are discharged.
Bankruptcy Will Most Likely Increase Your Credit Score
We find on average a typical bankruptcy client’s FICO score will increase around one hundred points twelve months after discharge.

About Mike Wallace

Bankruptcy Attorney

Mike and his wife are proud to represent the great people of Lufkin, TX. Mike is a graduate of Baylor University School of Law. For the last 9 years, Mike has dedicated himself to helping East Texans in financial difficulty since 2005, either through the bankruptcy process or with other sound advice.

“I believe in the principles that support life, God and family. When I’m not working with clients I’m enjoying time with my family and I enjoy the outdoors. In fact, I live on 40 acres of property that has been in my family since 1852.”

Lufkin Bankruptcy Attorney

"You guys are great in helping me start over. you answer all questions quickly, and make me feel comfortable working with ya. I wouldn't hesitate referring you to someone in need of a great Attorney. Mike and Jill Wallace are the best. Thank You"

Mike and Jill helped me with my Chapter 13.  I was so overwhelmed I just couldn’t think about what I needed to do next.  They walked me through the process.  I always felt like they communicated with me regarding what was happening.  They were quick to reply to my texts when I had questions.  I would have probably lost my house without their help.

I have had the pleasure of having the services of Mike Wallace and his staff.  They were always very professional and curious. Mike followed through in all aspects of services he believed necessary for my case. I highly recommend his services.

How does chapter 7 bankruptcy work?


Is chapter 13 bankruptcy right for me?


I Am Here To Help You…

Lufkin TX Bankruptcy Attorney Fresh Start

Finish Strong.

Where you are is not as important as where you are going. We can give you the tools to get a fresh start and come out on top.

Lufkin TX Bankruptcy Attorney Invest

Invest Well.

When you’re not bearing the weight of crippling debt, you can be free to spend money on the projects or ministries that you care about and plan your future.

Lufkin Tx Bankruptcy Attorney Legacy

Leave a Legacy.

Execution of the knowledge that leads to long-term financial health can help you change your life and impact future generations.

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