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Are you dealing with unmanageable debt?

If you in over your head with debt, you are probably overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious about the future. You have likely been suffering under the all-encompassing weight of your debt, as well as the impact of invasive, intrusive collections actions, for some time. These collections actions can be absolutely brutal, and can make you feel hounded and hopeless. Trust us, we know from experience.

The good news is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of bankruptcy. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy is not a financial death sentence, nor is it shameful or life-ruining in any way. Rather, bankruptcy is a financial tool that is designed and intended to be used by people who have accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt and need a financial fresh start.

If you have accumulated debt you can’t handle, you are absolutely not alone. There are many reasons why Americans in 2022 find themselves with snowballing debt—often through no fault of their own. If you, like most Americans, live paycheck to paycheck, one large emergency expense like a medical bill or a car repair is enough to put you into the red. And if you, like most Americans, still have a life to live and a family to support despite having depleted funds, you will likely find yourself having to take on debt to survive.

Bankruptcy is a legitimate way for hardworking Americans to get out from under the oppressive yolk of debt. It is available for people to use because there is a real and valid need for it, like any other financial tool. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, know that there are over 1.5 million people in the US that also make use of this same financial tool every year.

With Bankruptcy Attorney Mike Wallace,

You Can Finally Say Goodbye to…

Bankruptcy Law Tyler TX

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Bankruptcy Tyler TX

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Mike Wallace Bankruptcy Attorney

Why Bankruptcy? Are There Better Options?

Bankruptcy Gives You Protection
When dealing with creditors, you don’t want to be unprotected and “go-it-alone”. Creditors can easily file suit against you and use many other tactics to get what you owe them. Bankruptcy is your legal right and is safer overall.
Bankruptcy Is Not Unforgivable
The word on the street is that bankruptcy is “the unpardonable sin”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know you have many concerns and we are happy to discuss them all with you through our free consultation.
Bankruptcy is better than debt consolidation
Many people choose to consolidate their debt and make large payments while their credit continually drops. With bankruptcy, your credit does take an initial hit but continues to rise from the moment your debts are discharged.
Bankruptcy Will Most Likely Increase Your Credit Score
We find on average a typical bankruptcy client’s FICO score will increase around 100 points twelve months after discharge.

About Mike Wallace

Bankruptcy Attorney

Mike was born and raised in Tyler, TX. He is a graduate of Baylor University School of Law. Mike has dedicated himself to helping East Texans in financial difficulty since 2005, either through the chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy process or with other sound advice. He serves all of East Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Marshall, Palestine, and Henderson“I believe in the principles that support life, God and family. When I’m not working with clients I’m enjoying time with my family and I enjoy the outdoors. In fact, I live on 40 acres of property that has been in my family since 1852.”

Mike Wallace – Bankruptcy Attorney Texas

Client Testimonials

“I contacted Mr. Wallace for a consultation on filing a chapter 7. Mr. Wallace explained everything very thoroughly and answered ALL the questions I had. He did not rush thru the counseling. I filed the chapter 7 using Mr. Wallace’s services. I am more than impressed by his knowledge of the subject matter. He made a process that was very nerve-racking for me actually very easy. He also took the time to give me some personal advice on financial issues. I am very thankful for Mr. Wallace’s help in this hard part of my life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone who is contemplating filing bankruptcy.”

“I would like to introduce you to Mike Wallace. He is a personal friend, a Brother in Christ. I filed bankruptcy in 2009 and already feeling like I had failed. The Lord knew I needed a man like Mike to support and encourage me through the process. You will find Mike not only to be very knowledgeable but also personable and take a genuine interest not only in your legal needs but you as a person! I am very careful who and when I recommend someone, however, I wholeheartedly believe in and trust Mike and if you will give him the opportunity to help you I am sure you will feel the same way.”

Practice Areas

How does chapter 7 bankruptcy work?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, sometimes called “liquidation bankruptcy”, is the most common form of bankruptcy. It is intended for people who make at or below the median income in Texas, and can be utilized by private individuals and couples, as well as some business corporations and partnerships.

Is chapter 13 bankruptcy right for me?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people in debt to set up a repayment plan to pay off all or part of their debt over the course of around 3-5 years from their future income. It is usually most helpful for people who have a guaranteed way to pay for future installments with their income,

I Am Here To Help You…

Finish Strong

Finish Strong.

It’s not always how you start but how you finish, with the right tools you can turn your financial life around.

Mike Wallace Invest

Invest Well.

When you’re not burdened with financial issues you can spend money on the projects or ministries that you care about.

Mike Wallace Legacy

Leave a Legacy.

Execution of the knowledge that leads to long-term financial health can help you change your life and impact future generations.

Attorney Mike Wallace Can Help

Attorney Mike Wallace is an experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who is proud to serve the Tyler, Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, Longview, and Greater East Texas communities. He provides a judgement-free source of support and legal knowledge to help guide you through your struggles with debt, all the way to financial freedom on the other side. Along with his wife, Jill, Mike is has dedicated himself to helping those experiencing financial hardship to get the fresh start they deserve.

What To Do Now

If you are facing unmanageable debt, there’s a way out. Attorney Mike Wallace is an empathetic, non-judgmental, and highly skilled attorney who has helped hundreds of clients out of debt and into a new life of financial freedom. With convenient locations in Tyler, Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, and Longview, as well as accessibility online and through the phone, Attorney Mike is ready to help you get your financial fresh start. No one should live with the daily burdens of debt. Let Attorney Mike show you the way out, and help you obtain the best possible outcome in your bankruptcy case.

Reach out today at (888) 402-5557 for a free consultation.

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