Some individuals who have accumulated a significant amount of unsecured debt in relation to their income, are putting their financial stability at risk by paying these unsecured debts to the detriment of their living expenses.

When I talk about unsecured debt, I am talking about the credit card debt, signature loans (typically from high interest finance companies), payday loans and medical bills.

This type of debt is unsecured because there is no collateral pledged as security for payment of the financial obligation.

When I talk about living expenses I am specifically addressing housing (either rent or a mortgage on a home), transportation expenses (could include a car payment), food and utilities.

If you have developed such a pattern of paying unsecured debt to the detriment of your ability to live and it is causing you financial distress, please pick up the phone and give me a call.

You might not be a bankruptcy candidate, but I can certainly give you some financial tips that might keep your situation from getting worse.

I can be reached at my Jacksonville office at 903-683-2018, or at my Nacogdoches office at 936-225-1800.

As always, any opinions expressed on this website are just that, opinions. So if you have a question regarding bankruptcy or debt relief, then please give me a call to discuss your individual situation.  Bankruptcy, as many other areas of the law are very case or fact specific.  I pride myself on giving you the answers to your questions that are based on your individual circumstances.

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