If you have been sued by a credit card company or a junk debt buyer, you can count yourself among the thousands of individuals that are sued on a daily basis throughout the country. So, you have been served with suit papers, what do you do now?  You do not want to do what the typical person does, which is to ignore the suit!

Credit card companies and junk debt buyers are counting on you to be the typical person and not file an answer to their lawsuit.  This is what a majority of people do when served with a collection lawsuit.  If an answer is not timely filed to the lawsuit, a default judgment will be entered by the court.  You do not want a default judgment to be entered against you.  More on that subject in a minute.  If you are located in the East Texas area and you get served with a collection lawsuit, you need to pick up the phone without delay and give me a call.  Bankruptcy might be the solution, but if not, the alternative is not to ignore the lawsuit.

I am repeatedly contacted by people who have been sued in the past and a default judgment has been entered against them.  At times these default judgments are for substantial sums of money and the judgment creditor has garnished a bank account, attempted to execute on the judgment or served the judgment debtor with written discovery to ascertain assets owned.  Often the person is calling me because they are attempting to sell a piece of real estate and the judgment has been discovered by the title examiner (judgment liens are created by the judgment creditor filing an abstract of judgment in the county in which the debtor owns real estate).  Just in the last year I have represented several people who are trying to recover from a default judgment that has been taken against them.

If you have been sued, don’t let this be you.  Call me at 800-867-1583 and we can discuss what options are best for you!

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